Sequoia Springs Adolescent and Woman's Health and Wellness Counselling, Burnaby, BC
  • 20-minute initial phone consultation: Complimentary
  • 50-minute session: $130 + GST
  • 80-minute session: $195 + GST

The fees for my services are covered by many extended health care plans. If you have insurance benefits, please check your coverage for Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC) prior to booking your appointment. We will provide a receipt to you for extended health reimbursement. Session fees are payable by Interac e-transfer (to be received prior to the start of session) or by credit card.

I am also a registered provider with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) and offer direct billing for MVA counselling.

Women's mental health counselling

It is my desire to help women embrace their vulnerability and inner strength to live authentic lives free from the constraints of societal expectations and self-judgment. This aim serves as the cornerstone of my practice and was also a central component of my master’s thesis which aimed to amplify the marginalized voices of single and childless women. The number of women who are single and without children over the age of 35 is increasing in Canada and around the globe. The purpose of my research was to offer an open and non-judgmental space for these women to share their stories and explore how they experience themselves and define their sense of self living in a society where the ideology of marriage and family is still the dominant cultural narrative. My hope for this project was to recognize and celebrate where the woman is in her journey, and to inspire her to live a life of connection, fulfillment, and meaning. 

As a result of this research, I was inspired to create a 3-month single and childless women’s empowerment program to provide support for women in this population. The intent of this program is to increase feelings of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-esteem, as well as empowerment to creating the life they want. Another equally important objective of this group is to foster community and connection to mitigate against isolation and shame. We will utilize a combination of psychoeducation, experiential exercises, and creative/artistic activities to achieve these two purposes.

Sequoia Springs Adolescent and Woman's Health and Wellness Counselling, Burnaby, BC

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Speaking Engagements - Mental Health and Wellness

I offer speaking engagements in the health and wellbeing of women who are single and childless. These topics can cover self-love, self-acceptance, shame, guilt, grief, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and meaning in life. If you are interested in any of these topics or perhaps have a topic you are interested in that is not mentioned here, feel free to contact me to discuss further.